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Sunday, January 25, 2009

tree spirit scene 1

Today I had an Ipod mishap and all the images I was hoping to draw from were deleted. (It might have something to do with the early morning booty call with Ross...that would fry any electronic). So, anyway, usually I look at pictures on my little 2" screen and draw from that but today no such luck. Maybe I should ditch that because once I light boxed those sketches onto bristol they turned out fine. all these images are directly out of my head bitches. See the awesome might of my genius brain.


Nathan said...

hey, those images are like your notes, once they are in your head you can throw them away. Now here comes my inner about covering the ground around the tree with moldering leaves from previous seasons. There would be a few whole leaves that remain intact but the ground between the roots would be dark with hints of those old leaves flattened. I still love the composition of the tree with Oisin in the center as if there is an opening there. So sweet!

the sebaceous funk said...

Yes, old thick carpet of leaves. I want it to feel old and undisturbed right now it's too park like. When I go back to tighten the pencils I will add more. The coloring could add another layer of shade and dappled light.

Gary Ellis said...

I'm in favor of a few mushrooms amongst the leaf litter. Hell, why you're at it, put in some toads, salamanders, newts, spiders, slime molds, a thick case of athletes foot and a smattering of brittle condoms.

the sebaceous funk said...

Actually, you guys bring up something important. I was so focused on being pretty and idilic that I forgot that when I was a kid I loved soft carpets of moldering leaves and strange fungus. I thought they were so beautiful and magical mainly because there was no trace of mankind and civilization. I've already gone back and added some entropy.