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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Desk

I finally got a new desk. I've had the same crappy old drawing table my parents gave me when I was  23. I hope the energy of a million pornographic images is still inside it ready to rejoin the universe and make make it squirm. 


Nathan said...

Oh YEAH! That looks like a great place to sit and work. BTW, I love the color of your room. Did you pick that out too?

the sebaceous funk said...

The room was already that color and I said leave it. the house has a lot of dark woodwork. I grew up with white walls and they always make me feel under nourished.

Nathan said...

I definitely believe in the power of color. Blue in the right shades can evoke the outdoors and bright light. Painting our house has changed the whole feeling of the neighborhood, just as fixing up the gardens have brought a more relaxed atmosphere to the house. Bruce is tearing down walls in the front room today so my mind is on remodel projects.