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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Some sketches I did saturday to fill some holes. I extended the dream sequence where Oisin sees Byron for the first time...stops to kiss him. Tavius looking all buff.


Nathan said...

I wish I could show you how looking at these boys effects me, but there is just too much emotional stuff attached. Beautiful and haunting is the best way to describe them. I still want to see those overlapping rib muscles on Tavius but I've always had a thing for the ripped look of pro-bodybuilders. Naw...he looks fine to me. Really.

What is that sculptural thing behind him?

the sebaceous funk said...

Nathan I have always pictured you with antlers running naked through the night -I know you have done that once or twice. The sculpture is of Tavius' ally the river god in one of its forms.

Nathan said...

the running of the stags happens at least once a year under the boreal moon ;) Cool river god!