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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

comikaze expo 2012

I had never been to Comikaze, but they offered me a free table so I thought what the hell. As it turned out there were some mix ups and some of the people offered tables didn't get them. The con grew from five people running it to seventy five and it showed in all the hard work and energy. I think they did a great job, even with the minor issues, and I will be back. Thank you Teddy!

The LA convention center is pretty great and except for the lack of carpeting (Zan calls the cement they use at the convention center "Satanite") it's just as good as san diego.

I do have to say that LA people really put a lot of effort into their costumes. The number of hot fit guys showing off is off the charts. The remote controlled Wall E especially stole the show.

I also have to hand it to the awesome people who showed up at the LGBT panels. i have never felt such love queers and comics in a room before. You folks rocked it.

Also, Dylan Edwards, my new brother at Northwest Press, is awesome as well.  Jean who shared his booth is a literary genius too.

Here are some pics.