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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Circle of trees

The top of the tower is a circle of trees on a hill above town.


Nathan said...

A very picturesque place for a gathering of druids. I like that you can see the town from there. Are the two megalithic stones a portal to a tower in another universe or is the tower built into the hill? The tower in tarot is both a symbol of destruction of the self which results from divine enlightenment. A very powerful image for your story.

the sebaceous funk said...

Between the stones on the top of the hill there is a stair down into the tower. The tower is in a cave which is the mouth of the river. The river then travels down past the town. I always loved the Angela Carter retelling of the Repunzel fairy tale where the top of the tower is a magic circle in the basement and the tower stretches down to hell. The devil asks her to let down her hair so he can climb up. So cool.

Nathan said...

Wow! I haven't read that version. I've always liked the original telling where the prince is thrown from the tower and falls into a thorn bush at the bottom where his eyes are plucked out and he wanders the desert alone and despondent. Everyone has their own idea of hell. George McDonald retold the story by reversing the gender of the characters and the princess discovers the prince half asleep counting sheep, buried in his own hair and beard. She has to convince him to count backward to reverse the spell, ungrow all that hair and wake him up.