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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lazy Bear

I had a blast at my first Lazy Bear weekend. My lovely "Sister" Jon from san diego is the best at getting me in and out of trouble. We are the tag team of terror. Here is a sketch of pretty Jason that I drew poolside and a sketch by sexy John who was camping next to us.


SDWranglers said...

Ohhhhh Myyyy God Becky! Like it was so a totally awesome weekend with you and like sitting poolside and like watching all the hot furry men parade in front of us, like totally. And like totally when you were with that like smoken hot guy from London in the tent, and like when everyone applauded when you were like finished, like ohhhh myyyy God! You're like sooooo the best and like soooo totally like hot, you're like a melted chocolate bar on a hot summer day on the sidewalk, like totally! Love ya!

Sina Evil said...

Sexxxxeeeee! And I like hearing these salacious stories about you! ;o)

Nathan said...

Jon, your drawing from life is so refined! I don't ever remember seeing you attempt reflection on water. Sweet! I'm sure you have stories to tell.