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Saturday, August 8, 2009

blue collar

I was thinking that is was weird to be wearing a denim shirt under your black suit, but then I realized's her blue collar. Ugh.


Kaline said...

I wouldn't have gotten the blue collar thing. So, what is it, an online school?

the sebaceous funk said...

Yeah, I just find advertising so funny. Especially pictures of people with their mouths wide open like they are screaming they are so happy to be drinking that water or talking on their phone about life insurance.

Nathan said...

advertising is weird. It almost always reflects the prejudice of the persons creating it rather than really representing a section of society as it is supposedly supposed to do. The best advertising makes us laugh at ourselves and then often gets adopted into the vernacular without really promoting the product it was originally intended. Ah, advertising, you never are as you are intended.

Kaline said...

I don't get the TV ad women who joyously leap up when their 10-year-old tracks muddy footprints all over their kitchen...all because it means they get to use their Swiffer mop. What are they on? And are we still in the 50s? Also, the young woman who is so happy to tell the world about her new herpes medication. Dang, that actress must've been desperate for a job. Haha. I'm glad I don't have TV at my house.

P.S. In ad land, there are some minority couples now but everyone is heterosexual and interracial couples...oh, that's too progressive. And Native Americans are extinct, right? Unless some silly stereotypical NDN role needs to be filled. lol