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Thursday, August 13, 2009

K's Kritters

These are some little characters I made up for my super special friend "K" I found them during the move and I forgot how great they are.
I think my favorite is Tyrone.


Kaline said...

Dang, that squirrel sure makes me hungry...NOT (hopefully you get what I'm referring to). The drawings are super cute, and the names are great. One of your many good deeds as a "bright spot". Hee hee.

the sebaceous funk said...

You write the story and I'll draw it. Although I keep thinking about them as a flash cartoon so I can hear Tyrone's deep bass voice.

Kaline said...

They'd make such a cute flash cartoon! You should do it. But how would you do the voices? They could just all be the same voice, then Ben could edit them in Protools to make them all sound different..j/k but he used to do that for fun and it is pretty funny