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Friday, March 14, 2008

some of charles

I did some sketches of Charles. He appears only once in a flashback and I may not show his face. This story has never been meant to say anything about him. This is all about the Charles Mingus that I wanted and has no basis in reality. I do think he would approve of the sex though.


Nathan said...

Wow! These are cool sketches. It reminds me of pages I've done, but yours are much better, of course.

Nathan said...

So, since this is a futuristic story, then is the character of Charles a decendant of the original?

BTW, congrats on debuting your new web site!

the sebaceous funk said...

My new website is the best website in the whole wide world because I have super genius friends! Oh, and charles will be a flashback from 1975 or so. I may set the time for this at 2055 or so. That way there could be people in the story who knew him. I do like the sci fi stories like Bladerunner that are not so far flung that you cant relate to them.