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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ka Boom Baby

This is our first look at Rosacia the leader of the Goon squad that guards the city gate. She plants her big platform shoe right in the face of all those who get in her way. If there was a living inspiration it would be Betty Davis -Cuz she's a biiiiiig Freeeeak!


Nathan said...

Bette Davis with a 'fro. Kinda scary thought. Your sketch makes her look cool, though. "Keep on Truckin'," Dude.

Nathan said...

On a second look, I wonder how she's keeping her balance? I love the name, "Rosacia". Perhaps if she were leaning forward with her hands on the windscreen, she would look ready to bite like Baby Jane on a rampage.

the sebaceous funk said...

Nathan, do a youtube search on betty davis miles Davis' wife. Oh how I wish I could be there when your mind explodes like a funky sexified turquoise volcano baby.

Nathan said...

Okay, that's a better image for my brain than what I came up with by myself. Can't say I'm a fan of funk music, nor have I listened to Miles Davis much. This could be a real lesson for me.