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Monday, March 24, 2008


Some serious good sketch time with G'ster last sunday. I think lack of sleep from Christina's birthday party helped more than it hindered. 


Gary Ellis said...

Where's the porn? I have to hit the adults only button and all I get are beautifully drawn head studies. Can't something a little lower down be beautifully drawn too?

Nathan said...

Jon, Your line is so expressive in both of these images, the single headshot especially. You do loose so much when that movement gets inked over. Are you looking at Will Eisner's later work? I've been inspired by him before.

So, does this title mean you are listening to the other JM? I have yet to hear her new album.

the sebaceous funk said...

I'm thinking of inking with a brush again. I inked Nefarismo that way but I am a lot better at it now. I love pencil comics like Gene Colan's Dracula but they need color to give them depth. I am open to a new ideas so we will see what happens as I finally get to that point.