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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Punks and werewolves

Lots of shirtless guys with mohawks how can I go wrong?


Nathan said...

Wow! This town must be quite the urban setting to have attendance like that at a punk band. Perhaps Seattle is just too lame, but all our band venues that aren't in old fashioned theaters are small, cramped and claustrophobic. You only get about one row of wall flowers and if the band isn't that well known there's more space between people, but this is your fantasy. Seeing these crowds in your drawings gives me an odd feeling in my crotch, and finds me thinking wistfully of SF, not that I've ever been to a band venue there.

the sebaceous funk said...

It's totally unrealistic, but hell it's my fantasy.

Nathan said...

Hey, if I'm relating to it like it is realistic you've struck something more than simply fantasy!

Sina said...

I wish we had punk clubs like THIS in London... ;o)