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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The pub scene

Oisin heads into the pub and sees the local magical folk mixing with punks.


Nathan said...

Yeah! Cute boys at a bar. For some reason I want the beer mugs and pitchers to look like they are made from well used leather stitched together with gut. And to see trophies of dead animal hanging over their heads. Is that just a weird notion?

the sebaceous funk said...

No, that's cool. This is set in the late 70's...sort of...I'm not really sure. I'm just following something deep in me and I remember having really strong erotic fantasy back then. Yes. I love animal heads on walls. Not into killing but I just love it.

Sina said...

Love bar scenes, especially the ones you draw Jon, and the idea of punks mixing it up with magical beings in right up my street as I am sure you can imagine ;o)