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Monday, December 29, 2008

Run Rabbit

Opening scene with the rabbit getting eaten by our nature boy werewolf. This story is very simple there is very little to be said. 


Gary Ellis said...

My dogs like to eat the ears first.

Vevay is particular to the heart.

the sebaceous funk said...

Mmmmmmm, ears are chewy.

Nathan said...

Wow! These pencils are gorgeous...almost makes you want to see them printed as is.

the sebaceous funk said...

I think I am a better penciler than inker. I Just need to find an inking method that keeps the quality. Any ideas? Maybe a custom brush tool in photoshop.

Nathan said...

I generally prefer an 4 pixel oval brush set at a 45 degree angle when I'm doing outlining, but then I'm using a much older version of phtshp than you. You probably have plenty of new options I haven't heard about. I think your artwork would look best using a variety of sizes from large and wide brushes to mark out large shapes and rough things in generally to relatively thin brushes for detail and adding texture. You once suggested CS has a bezier curve tool which could also help create lines with varing thickness which is more in keeping with your pen and ink style.