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Monday, December 29, 2008

Buck Naked

Druid boy having a vision.


Gary Ellis said...

So he is going to change into a wolf as he chases the bunny?

Remember, cotton tails dive into their holes. Jack rabbits don't have dens and rely on speed to get away from a predator.

Nerd notes from an old rabbit courser.

the sebaceous funk said...

In the book Oisin is having a vision and isn't really there. I'm planning on doing this book in color so I'll do something to make it obvious that he's a ghost.
Thinking about the color when I ink is really interesting. There is a lot more planning ahead, but I'm excited about it.

Nathan said...

Color! Really?! I'm such a fanboy geek! Are you planning to do the color yourself? I want to see this in watercolor pastels. gawd am I two greedy? Ooch! I knew I should have waited to log in here...

the sebaceous funk said...

I'm going to color in photoshop. I'm going to try overlapping washes. really loose. we'll see.