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Friday, June 17, 2011

True Gay love werewolf style

The boys running around being silly. I truly feel that love is all about playing with each other and feeling good with each other not "being there" or requirements. I know I paint Byron as being all needy and fearful of losing what he has, but here I hope to show the other side. The good side.
The images are of Byron taking Oisin to the werewolf camp. There they meet the werewolf mystic in his broken down old trailer.


Nathan K said...

Oh, I've been waiting for this. Is this like a gypsy camp with quaint customization on the various vehicles? How about a simple but built platform structure with plastic walls? I'm just thinking of other idiom that could work in this setting.

the sebaceous funk said...

Yeah, it's totally like a gypsy camp. I'm going to add all the motorcycles later as well as some tents. I should use the images from your camp. Certainly they need some old couches out in the woods by the bon fire.