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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gay werewolf lover

I was running out of FH#1 so I'm doing a second printing. This gave me a chance to fix a few things. The book is now standard size with the new logo, I originally inked it for color so I added a lot of black shadows and borders to the pages, and I redrew a bunch of panels that were just awful. I'm really proud of it and feel like I've got a handle on working with the printer.


zenmama said...

I love this, and I am so freaking proud.

the sebaceous funk said...

I love you too my black sheep cuzin.

. said...

Just found FH1 at 'Whatever' comix in SF, CA. It's fantastic! I'm racing over there to get #2 tomorrow!
I love the Celtic elements, the magical content, the TATTOOS... and the true love. Bravo!