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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Queer Press Grant

There were a record number of applicants for the annual Prism Comics Queer Press Grant so I did not think I had a chance but it turns out that I tied with a new lesbian cartoonist named JT Ford who is amazing. I shudder to think what she will accomplish in the years to come. I also have conflicting emotions for my friends who also applied... it is a small community and I feel pangs of emotion for them, but I also know that they will have their day. I have been doing comics since 91 and I deserve a certain level of attention, my hope is that with the small number or LGBT cartoonist we can all support each other and any gains one of us makes is progress for us all. I am very very grateful for this amazing year of getting my books out and having support from Prism and Zan and all my good friends. I hope that my success, meager as it is, can help others live their dreams and our medium reach a wider audience. I am really happy thank you so very much.


dogspunk said...

congrats Jon! you deserve it.

the sebaceous funk said...

So do you actually. I love your work.