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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


hoping to capture a more natural not "filmed" feel. I think I'm going to add a lot more close ups and shadows. I will stop myself from drawing the ceiling which I'm sure is what most people see while having sex ha ha.


Sina Evil said...

I love them. I think a more natural feel is such a good (and relatively unusual) thing to strive for when doing sex comics.

Nathan said...

These sketches do seem more intimate and natural. I do like your idea of including ceilings with these. I think an acutely angled ceiling thrown into the midst of an erotic scuffle could speak not only the culture of architecture and interior design but the vast and untouched realm of emotional desire that we so often think we seek, but only touch during those most emotional connections with another being. Symbolically it speaks to the silent nature of the interior life.