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Friday, September 25, 2009

The spiral

I kept drawing the opening of chapter two as an establishing shot of the tower which has been, well, already established, so yesterday I got the idea to re introduce the characters instead. Here are some images from the childlike Byron fascinated by a snail only to see it get eaten by Tavius' crow. Shocked and sad he growls at the crow, but since no one saw this exchange they just think he's a crazy wolf growling at nothing and yell at him. Byron's life in the tower is never easy. I chose a snail because I'm trying to add more spirals to the story. Not sure where that is going.


Nathan said...

Snails grow from the center outward, so my guess is that is the direction this is going. :)

Kaline said...

I really like this. Most adults could stand to be a bit more childlike if that means noticing and appreciating the small things. When my grandfather was dying, he was looking out at some dandelions on the hospital lawn and said he had spent his whole life fighting the damn things without ever stopping to notice that they are actually rather pretty.

As for the spirals, it will be interesting to see where you go with them. When I think of spirals I think of spiraling up, down, or out of control...but that is just me.

BTW, I got snails for Christmas one year and it was the best Christmas ever. "Santa" went out in the backyard and gathered them for me in the night!