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Monday, July 20, 2009


Some stuff from Chapter two. It's going to be so cute.


Nathan said...

And super-hot! Woof!

Sina Evil said...

It is hot! And it's breakin' my heart it's so hot! xoxo

Nathan said...

I love how you montage your images together, Jon. I'm always so anal, one image for one page, one emotion at a time. It really reminds me of the best movie posters which place vignettes in the background yet make them seem to move with the general theme of the movie. You can always sit back and just enjoy the whole image. The lines all flow together but on different visual levels reveal the secondary image and suggest a potential storyline. The flow is key, but so is the intensity of the visual lines. Jon, you always manage to make your images flow with observation.

the sebaceous funk said...

Ha you are too kind Nathan. I really just use whatever space is left on the page so I don't waste paper. Sometimes the images overlap and I don't care because they aren't the final art. Still, you have made me think about doing the cover in the movie poster way hmmmmm.