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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

first scene of issue two

There is some major issues with Tavius and Oisin and we get to see what the problem is in a flashback, but not here though.
I'm hoping people will want to read this book when it's done and don't mind not knowing everything. It's hard not knowing what to give and what not to give away. 


Nathan said...

Pictures here will not reveal too much about the story. Mix up the sequence and we can only guess at what happens. I'm sure the story will be quite satisfactory when it is published. I love what you have done so far.

Sina Evil said...

I agree with Nathan. I don't feel like you're giving the story away. But do keep some pivotal moments back! ;o)

Gary Ellis said...

I'm not worried because I don't think you know what the whole story is!

You're making it up as you go along!


the sebaceous funk said...

Shhhhhhhh. Don't tell Sina. He thinks I can write.