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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How cool is this

The impeccably red new viny bitch from RD Mauzy. The album is "Oppols ond Bononos" from Big Spoon records. RD is a genius who was so cool (and smart) to invite a bunch of queer cartoonists to do some drawing for the package. I'm all giddy about the label on it. Do you know how much fun it was to draw a pic knowing it was going to have a hole it it? For some reason that turned me on. Anyway, I really want to see this baby spin...does anybody still have a turntable?


Nathan said...

Now that is the coolest thing!

Sina Evil said...

I got mine in the post yesterday! I love it and I am going to post a pic of mine soon! It was awesome to see your art in the middle too! xxx

the sebaceous funk said...

I lucked out doing the label because Justin was busy. Since you are a world class DJ you must have access to a turntable could you film it spinning on a turntable pretty please.

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet... nice pic! Glad you guys are getting your packages! Hey, I recently updated my commerce page where (where the 7" is posted for sale). There's a great pic of Sina pouring something delicious down his Y fronts which I spray-stenciled for him!