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Friday, August 29, 2008

Feedin' Time

Time to feed the blog so it gets big and fat. My sketchbooks are packed and bloated with images that I'm itching to get down on the actual pages. I'm really loving the freedom of this new process (thank you Gaz) 


Nathan said...

I was wondering when you'd really get to the musicians. These look very contemporary. BTW, is there going to be any visual representation of the physical music?...not effects per se, but I was thinking of the early seventies "yellow submarine" style of using a collage of images to illustrate the form of music. Of course Manga style wouldn't attempt to visualize more than the sounds that add realism, like the turning on of an amplifier, or a sound check.

the sebaceous funk said...

I was thinking about this. Flourishes and images but I need to come up with something original or it would be more of a joke. I will need to show the music somehow when they play the sebaceous funk at least if not throughout the book. Like the color painting at the end of dorian gray.