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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The thing I worry about the most is getting too campy with the Rosicrutians. They should  have their cool. Its just that they are the las vegas of religions. 


Nathan said...

I wouldn't worry about camp. Isn't funk supposed to be campy and confrontational? You can always tone it down later. Remember the Morgue scene in T&C? So many wonderful elements developed because you went overboard and even though you toned the grotesque down, those elements stayed and contributed to the whole.

Nathan said...

I want to see the whole egyptian style taken to a neon futuristic extreme. The point is to dazzle and inspire awe, isn't it?

the sebaceous funk said...

thats a great way to put it thank you. It helps to think about it as marketing and give up my dainty notions of class. Of course they want to glam it up and who is going to stop them?